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May Highlight: Host Defense

Host Defense Mushrooms is a line of certified organic, freeze-dried, non-gmo, mushroom mycelium/fruitbodies. Sourced out of the Olympic rainforest in Washington state, Host Defense ensures that the habitat and original mushrooms are left intact.

Host Defense’s dedication to the environment and ethical sourcing practices do not end there. Their recently launched Give Bees A Chance campaign helps honey bees overcome Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD), which is responsible for 30-40% of hive deaths every year.

It is estimated that one in three mouthfuls of food we eat requires pollination from honey bees. Without our intervention to help honey bees overcome CCD, our food security for the future is gravely threatened.

Host Defense is paving the way with research using their organic mushroom mycelium liquids to help honey bees strengthen their immunity, safely eliminate mites, and improve honey bee longevity. Since 2014, Host Defense has partnered with Washington State University feeding honey bees organic mushroom mycelium liquids like Chaga and Reishi. Results both in the lab and in field tests have been tremendous, showing increases in honey bee lifespans, support of their native immune systems, and reduced viral burdens in honey bees by up to 90%.

For the months of May and June, portions of the purchase of any Host Defense product will be donated towards mushrooms extracts, research services, and cash to Washington State University for continued research.

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