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Cardamom Golden Milk with Chia by Brisia@bridgingpalates

This recipe came from a dear friend of mine who is an Ayurvedic Doctor at the Mount Madonna Institute. I have been drinking this wonderful concoction ever since she shared this recipe with me. I usually make a batch or two at the beginning of the week so it’s easy to grab on hectic weekday mornings. It’s grounding, refreshing and soothes the tummy before the first meal of the day. 

We all know having turmeric in your pantry is a good idea due to its extraordinary health benefits. Keeping an already made turmeric beverage in fridge to grab on the go is an even better idea! This amazingly powerful root has been used in the east for thousands of years as an Ayurvedic medicine to treat various ailments and conditions. It is most commonly known as the spice thats gives curry its vibrant yellow color. Extending in a wide range of uses, it is found in food, medicine, and as a coloring agent for cosmetics and dyes in textiles. 

The main active ingredient in turmeric is curcumin, a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. The National Institute of Health states that the curcumin content in turmeric is only a 3% by weight, (not very high) and is not easily absorbed by the body. However, adding a pinch of black pepper activates absorption. An easy way to get more benefits of this phenomenal root is to start incorporating delicious grounding turmeric teas and beverages into your daily diet. So whether you are using this essential root as a spice, cozy tea or a refreshing drink, your body will delight in the magical healing properties turmeric has to offer! 

For a 1 quart mason jar


2 cups coconut, nut, or hemp milk

1 3/4 cup water 

1/2 tsp fresh ground cardamom 

1 Tbsp chia seeds

2 tsp ground turmeric 

2-3 Tbsp maple syrup

Pinch of ground pepper


- In a spice grinder or mortar and pestle, grind the cardamom and empty into your mason jar (best used fresh). Or use store bought ground cardamom.

- Add in your pepper, turmeric, and chia

- Pour in 2 cups of your milk of choice and close the lid tightly on your jar. Shake vigorously.

- Next, add the water and maple syrup. Close the lid, and shake again.

- Shake jar every so often (you only have to do this on the day you make it, so chia doesn’t clump together). Leave in the fridge over night and chia will expand. Will keep for 3-4 days. 


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