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Vegan Tempeh and Cranberry Sandwich by Brisia@bridgingpalates

This recipe comes from Boise, Idaho based food enthusiast, Jerem Imani. Having worked at a vegan restaurant, he has carried this recipe with him for many years and recreated the sandwich for me to try. It was so delicious, I wanted to include this recipe as part of my blog. Its easy to prepare, healthy and affordable and so so yummy! 


Choice of tempeh*


Jar of Antigua cranberry sauce

Vegan Mayo

Whole wheat bread

Tbsp olive oil

Braggs Liquid Aminos, Coconut Aminos, or Tamari (for the tempeh)


Slice tempeh into strips

On a skillet heat your oil, and pan fry your tempeh, add a splash of Aminos or Tamari and let flavors incorporate for a minute or so

Remove from heat

Spread Mayo and cranberry sauce over two slices of bread

Arrange your tempeh onto one slice of bread and top with sprouts. Cover with the other slice, cut down the middle and enjoy!


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