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Local Connection: Breathe Deeply Pilates

One of the many blessings of being in Aptos is access to Breathe Deeply Pilates. Like the rest of the world, Breathe Deeply has had to adjust to changes caused by the pandemic, but they have done so with remarkable agility and resilience, which makes a kind of sense given the focus of their business!

Owner Summer Doty first came to Pilates as a client, after she sustained a debilitating injury in a snowboarding accident. Her instructor Nicole Duke helped her find a way out of chronic pain and then inspired her to become an instructor herself. She began working for Nicole in 2004. Four years later, she bought the business from Nicole, who went on to open Hot Source Yoga in Aptos.

Breathe Deeply moved to their current location on Soquel Drive in 2010 and had been enjoying a steady business of helping a vast range of clients get stronger and deal with a variety of issues. Recently Summer had become a Pre/Post Natal Specialist thru the Center for Women’s Fitness. She holds certifications that help her to better serve Athletes, those with Osteoporsis/Osteopenia, Scoliosis, those with Hips & Shoulders replaced or preparing for surgery, Chronic Back Pain sufferers, Ankle/Feet issues, and more. Her staff also shares a wide range of interests and specializations.

With the arrival of the pandemic, the majority of Breathe Deeply's services quickly switched to Zoom instruction. Finding that clients who had been used to traditional Pilates instruction didn't get as much out of mat work during the initial shelter-in-place, Summer found a way to utilize the equipment safely. Through her own ingenuity and the generous contributions of clients and staff, Breathe Deeply is now able to offer a variety of instruction experiences: at least half of the equipment has been moved out of the main studio, to allow for social distancing in classes. For those who want to work out alone, there is a small studio available in La Selva with a lock box -- the instructor is present on a tablet via Zoom. Clients sanitize the equipment before and after their workouts.

In fact, everyone has been surprised by how well it works! Clients now not only have to move their own bodies, but they are responsible too for adjusting the equipment between exercises. The instructors advise them on how to do this, of course, and many clients have seen it done many times before. Some clients also purchased their own equipment and now work out at home with Zoom instructions.

During this time, there are four instructors still teaching for Breathe Deeply: Summer herself, Cody, Jenny, and Kendra. Cody teaches at a second location on the West Side, where she can accommodate one to two clients per class. Cody and Jenny both offer in-person instruction, wearing masks, with additional distancing and reduced class size. Summer and Kendra are teaching Zoom classes only. In fact, Summer has had to become a stay-at-home mom for the present, but that doesn't prevent her from teaching!

Cody's specialties are dance, Kinesiology, and Crossfit, Jenny is an athlete who has studied nutrition as well as Pilates, and Kendra has studied psychology and loves outdoor activities. All are certified to instruct Pilates, which they do by closely observing clients and helping them move in strengthening and supportive ways. Because scheduling is so unique during this time period, each arrangement is made by emailing or calling Summer directly. Her email is, and her phone is 831-247-1497. Although the instructor list are no longer current, you can still visit Breathe Deeply's website for more biographical or historic information.

This is a great time to work on strengthening your body and staying focused and grounded. Why not look into what Breathe Deeply has to offer?


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