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December Highlight: Alter Eco

Alter Eco is based on the premise that food is fundamental to life – and whole, healthy, delicious food can make life better for people all over the world. By working directly with the small-scale farmers who grow our quinoa, sugar, and cacao, helping them institute Fair Trade and Organic practices and assisting them in improving both quality of food and quality of life, we’re creating a system that benefits everyone involved. Our values extend to the flora, fauna, and fields – we work with our co-op partners to preserve heirloom grains, replenish, and reforest the land. And as a GHG Protocol 3 Carbon Zero business, we offset more carbon than we emit. Alter Eco products are unbelievably rich, unctuous chocolate bars, ancient, heirloom quinoas from Bolivia, and unrefined Mascobado sugar from the Philippines. As our products are organic, fair trade and carbon neutral, you can eat them with confidence in their nutritional, social and environmental excellence.


There’s only one “quinoa real”, or royal quinoa, and it’s grown on Bolivia’s arid, volcanic Salar De Uyuni salt flat. Revered by ancient Incas as “chisaya mama” (chee-sa-waya ma-ma) or “mother grain”, this heirloom nutrition source is fluffier, nuttier and without the bitterness so common to lesser grades. Just one spoonful, and you’ll see why it should be the only quinoa that graces your plate.

Quinoa is a complete protein, containing all 9 essential amino acids

Cultivated for over 4,000 years, royal quinoa is grown only in the Bolivian Andes.

Alter Eco quinoa is packaged in a compostable pouch* made of non-GMO plant based materials.

Alter Eco Chocolate Bars

  • Single origin cacao beans from Ecuador and Peru

  • Always fair trade, organic and non-GMO

  • Never made with soy lecithin

  • Made by Swiss chocolatier

  • 13 Different Flavors

  • Delicious!

Alter Eco Truffles

  • Made with pure organic coconut oil from Kerala, India

  • Never made with soy lecithin or palm kernel oil

  • Truffle wrappers are completely compostable

  • 5 Different Flavors

  • Delicious!

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